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15 Minute Upper Body

May 2, 2009

Workout Summary:

This workout routine focuses on the upper portion of your body.  Your arms, chest and abs will get a workout with this routine.  Make sure not to strain yourself doing the push-up & plank.  If you would like, you could add a cardio exercise or yoga exercise for a nice cool down.

Wii Remote & Nunchuck Holsters

Wii Ankle Or Wrist Weights

Workout Routine:

Basic Run

  • 3 Wii Fit Credits
  • Keep a steady pace to score higher.


  • 2 Wii Fit Credits

Triceps Extension

  • 2 Wii Fit Credits
  • A set of wrist weights can help add resistance.

Sideways Leg Lift

  • 3 Wii Fit Credits

Pushup & Plank

  • 3 Wii Fit Credits
  • If a regular push-up is too difficult, rest your knees on the floor.

Downward Dog

  • 2 Wii Fit Credits

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